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Revisions made easy!

Need to revise a left chest for hat front? What about re-sizing? Asking for revisions is as easy as 1-2-3!

1-Once you are logged on to your Edigitize account, locate the file you are trying to revise. You can find your most recent files under the header “My Recent Orders/Quotes”. If it is a file from a few months or years ago, it is easier to click through “Orders”, located on the top grey task bar, and search for it by name or order number.

2-After locating the file you are looking for, make sure you are asking for the correct version to be revised (some orders will have multiple surface versions or SV’s on them). Once you know what files  you want revised click on the “Request Revision” button. A form will pop up with different edits that can be made. Choose what edits you need made! After you choose the edits, let us know more about what needs to be done in the comment box.

3– Make sure to review the revision price! If there is a price associated with the revision, it will be located at the bottom of the box. After you have reviewed your revision request, click “SUBMIT”!  And voila! You created a new Surface Version! This new section will contain the revised file after we are finished revising it. If you have any artwork that goes with the revision you can submit it by clicking on “ADD ARTWORK”.

See, I told you that submitting a revision is as easy as 1-2-3!

I get questions everyday about edit fees. Here is a few tips on what requires an edit fee and what doesn’t:

Free Edits: Repair of any errors in a design that cause it to be inconsistent with the original artwork or instructions; tweaking of a design to make it run more smoothly and efficiently; making simple modifications for other versions like hat or chest;  increases or reductions less than 20%  in size.

$15 Edit Fee: Name drops, minor variations of designs, changes in size greater than 20% that do not require complete re-digitizing, other edits such as setting file to sew center out for hats, minimizing details, changing stitch pattern etc.

New Digitizing Fee ($30+): Anything more than a 50% increase in size (i.e. going forma left chest to a full back) will result in a new digitizing fee.

If this is still not making sense, there is a 2 minute video showing you how to place a revision!  How to Request Revisions on Digitizing Orders

As always, feel free to email us or call us with ANY questions!

-Kristen W.

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