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Are you using the right stabilizer?

In my opinion, stabilizers are hard to get a handle on. If you use too much stabilizer then your design comes out bulky and ruins your fabric. If you don’t use enough, the fabric it too loose and will effect the registration of the design. So it seems that finding the right stabilizer is impossible, right?! WRONG! It’s all about finding the right balance! Don’t give up friends!

There are many different types of stabilizers out there! Let me outline a few for you (the information below comes from resource!):

Cut-Away Stabilizers– this is a permanent stabilizer that stays on the fabric throughout the embroidery process. This particular stabilizer helps keep the design from stretching out with frequent washing.

Tear-Away Stabilizers- this is a temporary stabilizer that will be removed after embroidery. Warning: make sure to buy a  tear-away stabilizer that will tear in all directions as well as one direction.

Heat-Away Stabilizers- this is an option when the fabric is too delicate for a tear-away stabilizer or too sheer for a cut-away stabilizer. These are very tricky to use and can ruin your fabric and design. Use caution and make sure to read all the instructions before using!

Wash-Away Stabilizer- these stabilizers dissolve when wet. They can also add additional support if used on top of the fabric to keep the stitches from sinking in.

Water- Soluble Stabilizer- these also dissolve in water but you brush them on (or spray them on) the fabric to stiffen the area. They are great when working with mesh or soft, delicate fabrics and can be washed away.

Many stabilizers look alike so make sure to make sure the bottles are clearly labeled!

I hope this helps!!

-Kristen W.

***Most of the information comes from this and this website! Both are FABULOUS resources to use!

*Picture is also from

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