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Are you using the right stabilizer?

Monday, September 10th, 2012

In my opinion, stabilizers are hard to get a handle on. If you use too much stabilizer then your design comes out bulky and ruins your fabric. If you don’t use enough, the fabric it too loose and will effect the registration of the design. So it seems that finding the right stabilizer is impossible, right?! WRONG! It’s all about finding the right balance! Don’t give up friends!

There are many different types of stabilizers out there! Let me outline a few for you (the information below comes from resource!):

Cut-Away Stabilizers– this is a permanent stabilizer that stays on the fabric throughout the embroidery process. This particular stabilizer helps keep the design from stretching out with frequent washing.

Tear-Away Stabilizers- this is a temporary stabilizer that will be removed after embroidery. Warning: make sure to buy a  tear-away stabilizer that will tear in all directions as well as one direction.

Heat-Away Stabilizers- this is an option when the fabric is too delicate for a tear-away stabilizer or too sheer for a cut-away stabilizer. These are very tricky to use and can ruin your fabric and design. Use caution and make sure to read all the instructions before using!

Wash-Away Stabilizer- these stabilizers dissolve when wet. They can also add additional support if used on top of the fabric to keep the stitches from sinking in.

Water- Soluble Stabilizer- these also dissolve in water but you brush them on (or spray them on) the fabric to stiffen the area. They are great when working with mesh or soft, delicate fabrics and can be washed away.

Many stabilizers look alike so make sure to make sure the bottles are clearly labeled!

I hope this helps!!

-Kristen W.

***Most of the information comes from this and this website! Both are FABULOUS resources to use!

*Picture is also from

Landing the Big One! How to Price Your Embroidery Services

Friday, August 24th, 2012

This is an old blog post for 2009 that I thought was worth re-posting!

Landing the Big One!

You know how it is. You sit down to bid that big job, the job that could make your whole month, but you’re concerned that unless you lower your prices, your competitor down the street may land the sale. Should you do it? Should you take a short term cut in profits, or even take a loss, in order to land that big job?

No, probably not. Spend some time setting your prices and then stick to them. If you do change your prices, change them across the board because of changes in the market, or changes in your business strategy. For example, Jim O’Boyle, president of Journalbooks/Timeplanners Calendars, talks in this post about one way to temporarily change your prices. Keep in mind though, Mr. O’Boyle’s idea has to do with a temporary shift in policy due to changes in the market, not simply the desire to land a single job.

Bottom line, stick to your business strategy. If you’re like a lot of small to medium size companies, you’re not trying to be the low cost supplier. Instead, you’re trying to add value for your customers and keep them coming back again and again. You’re looking for customers that are willing to pay a little bit more for your products and services. If this is the case, don’t lower your prices just to get work or compete with other companies that seem to be offering the new lowest price. You need to maintain your prices so that you can cover your costs, make a profit and have cash available for growth.

Check out these ideas that we put together about pricing your services:

  1. Pass your artwork preparation costs through to your customer – It is normal to charge some type of setup fee to cover the costs of digitizing, vectorizing or order processing. You don’t need to absorb these costs since they are part of the cost of doing business.
  2. Mark up your digitizing costs (recommended) – Edigitize prices are wholesale prices, meaning that your customers would normally have to pay more for quality digitizing if they went straight to a digitizer. You deserve to be rewarded for the extra value that you add sending us the order, checking the sewout scan we provide and sewing out a test file from your machine. We suggest that you mark up our digitizing fees to cover your time and effort. With our new flat fees, you know ahead of time what your costs will be, making it easier to mark up your digitizing costs.
  3. Be careful what kind of incentives you offer – You may decide to waive setup fees as a way to get new customers or generate more business from existing customers. You know your business; so perhaps that is the best way for you to offer incentives. However, if you do waive setup fees, make sure that you recover your costs and make a profit in other ways.
  4. Get payment up front – You don’t need to fund your customer’s business. Ask for 30%-50% of each order up front, depending on order size and the supplies involved. If you ask for less money up front as a way to get more business, make sure you have surplus cash available to cover your costs if something goes bad. Our advice: always collect at least 50% of the order amount up front.
  5. Offer incentives for volume and loyalty – Whatever incentives you do offer, consider tying them to a customer’s order volume or degree of loyalty over time. So if you offer free setup, offer it only on orders above a certain piece or dollar volume. Or, offer a discount only to repeat customers.

Edigitize Economics

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

With the economy the way it is these days, every penny seems to count to customers. One economical approach to affordable embroidery that will keep your business in business is the use of appliqué. This type of embroidery allows for a reduction in the amount of stitches needed to cover an area because the process

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uses cut pieces of fabric to cover an area of the material rather than filling the area with stitches. Thus, with appliqué, the stitch count is reduced.

This appliqué process is not just economically affordable for your customers either — it’s highly fashionable and becoming increasingly popular! Websites, such as Pintrest, are filled with pages and pages of extremely stylish appliqué embroidery used on every type of fabric-based object imaginable!

But beyond this being a solid economic solution for those customers who are concerned about cost – Edigitize offers appliqué as one of our many services that we provide! And we do this at no extra cost to you. Simply place your order, inform us which area(s) will be appliqué, and provide your customers with low-cost, high-quality designs to keep business coming in and coming back for more!

Interested in other ways to entice your customers with embroidery that really stands out?

Edigitize also offers Puff embroidery that creates a 3D look that will boldly stand out from the ordinary and average. This type of embroidery uses a foam underlining to achieve its three-dimensional effect. While this process does increase the stitch count so that the foam is not exposed through the thread, it is a great solution for those customers who are looking for their design to really pop and less concerned with keeping stitch count to a minimum.

And there’s more great news: Edigitize also offers Puff embroidery at no extra cost as well! This allows you to offer the great option of Puff embroidery to your customers without increasing the cost of digitizing to your business.

There IS an economic solution to your customers’ embroidery needs: Edigitize.

Place an order today at and see for yourself how Edigitize can help you save money and grow your business!


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