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Order Forms: How-To

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Ever notice your orders or quotes getting put on hold? Ever notice getting emails or comments from Edigitize asking for clarification on your artwork? Whether you realize it or not, leaving out important instructions when placing an order or quote actually prolongs the amount of time before it is finished. Rather than guess what you are wanting the finished product to look like, we opt to place your quote or order on hold and seek further instruction from you, our customers! However, all of this can be avoided, and the overall turnaround time significantly reduced, when you choose to read over our order form carefully and be sure to tell us EXACTLY how you want the final product to look!

It really is this simple:

On this order, one of our awesome customers, John LaRoy, gave the Edigitize team specific instructions regarding the color fade in the design. Had he not selected the color fading option or mentioned the shading in his comment, we would have had to put his order on hold to ask how he would like the color fade digitized. However, because he acknowledged the color fading/shading and let us know to do whatever we think looks best, John’s order was able to go straight into processing as soon as it was submitted. Thanks, John!

Other options he could have chose would be to digitize the design with NO color fade or to match the artwork as closely as possible. Either way, letting us know what you want helps us get your orders back faster!

Stay tuned for other great examples of how to fill out an order form correctly! And be sure to fill yours out right for a chance to have your order form featured as an example!

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