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Bhupathi was here!

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

In November we were honored to host our dear friend and business partner Bhupathi! We actually do all of our digitizing in India but keep our customer service in the United States. We have partnered with Bhupathi’s company, Sign Digitizing, for 8 years now and we could not be more excited about things!

This was an amazing trip for both Bhupathi and Edigitize. While he was here we were able to get in lots of training sessions. In these sessions, Kristin Foster and I learned many different digitizing techniques and got to learn more about the business culture of India.

One night our team got together for dinner at Jeff and Melissa’s house! It was so much fun getting to know Bhupathi and hearing stories from India, he even brought us candies from India.

The Edigitzie Team! Left to Right: Bhupathi, Jeff Foster, Melissa Foster, (Mac), Kristen Wigner, Matt Sawyer, Amy Sawyer, (Hazel), Kristin Foster, and Jon Foster. Picture belongs to Bhupathi.

The night before Bhupathi left we all went out to eat at a local Indian restaurant. It was through this experience that I found my love for Tomato-Coconut soup. Just ask my husband, I am ADDICTED! I also realized that not all Indian food is spicy! Indian is definitely a new favorite!

I love when our team gets together! These nights are always so much fun! I am hoping soon (2-3yrs) down the road, we can visit Bhupathi and his digitizers in India!


Until next time,

Kristen W.

Hello December!

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

December is finally here! In my head, I thought of cold winds, rain, possibly snow in the forecast, but alas we are mistaken!! Today contains a high of 77 degrees in Tulsa! I had high hopes of a cold winter. The last few winters in Tulsa have felt like intense falls and not like white whites! Oh well, it is just the beginning of December, we still have a few months!!

We are in full winter swing here at Edigitize (even without the cooperation of the weather!). Kristin and I are in full Christmas mode with Christmas music streaming out from both our computers!

Here’s hoping that we have a winter wonderland soon!

Spot Light Design!

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Sorry for such the long absence! This has been a very busy fall for Edigitize!

This Spotlight design is from Katherine at The Embroidery Shack. Check out what she sent us regarding this awesome design:

“…I have been doing embroidery for over 12 years now… I am a one person shop, doing this as a second job in the evenings and weekends. My client base is mostly the local schools in my area, neighbors, friends and the many organizations I belong to…. I just enjoy the end results and seeing what I can put a design on. I have sent two shots of the towels I did for one of the organizations I belong to that is having its annual session next week. Of course they wait till the last minute to realize they needed a small gift for the honored men coming and no one remembered to get something. They asked me, who is also in the middle of doing 75 aprons and 50 totes that need done before this event if I can do golf towels for them. Of course I never say no and thought of Edigitize immediately to have the logo done. It was a simple one, one I know I could do, but I needed it quickly and did not have the time to do myself. I submitted my order and you had back to me the next morning and I was able to fill the order for them today. I did not have actual golf towels but made towels I had in my stash into golf towels and to me they will make a wonderful gift (My son in law likes them so much he has placed an order for next year golf season for towels for him ). The officer I am working for said they are great and I saved the day for them. To me this is what it is all about, doing something for someone else. I enjoy the hobby and my friends and co-workers enjoy the items I make. When I get stuck or feel my digitizing is not quite up to par, I turn to your company and get the wonderful results I am looking for. You have done several for me in the past and I continue to use them making towels, throws, school flags, etc. I thank you for allowing me to kind of sound off here and I do look forward to having you do more designs for me in the future.”

Thank you so much for your kind words Katherine! I am glad that we are able to meet your standards!!


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