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Spotlight on Design

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Happy Thursday, everyone! How’s the warmer weather treating you? We absolutely love it and are soaking in every ray of sunshine we can!

You know what else we love?? HAPPY CUSTOMERS! That’s right, here at Edigitize we strive to exceed your expectations with fantastic customer service as well as quality products. We know how important it is to offer you the Right Mix, otherwise known as: Exactly what you’re looking for!

And we love to hear from our happy customers (you all!) when our digitizing results in an outstanding finished product on your end! In fact, we love it so much we wanted to share yet another design we digitized that resulted in a happy customer and an awesome finished product:

This design, embroidered by Linda Marie, was 3.71″ wide x 2.52″ high. It resulted in 16,148 stitches with 10 colors and 20 trims. Linda said of this order, “Fantastic job on this – looked great!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, Linda, for sharing a picture of your final product with us! We always love to see the results of our work!

Thoughts On Outsourcing Your Embroidery Digitizing

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Ever wish there were more hours in a day?

Running a business can certainly take its toll, and no matter how hard we wish, we still only have 24 hours in a day to make it all happen. So, when it comes to running and maintaining a successful business – especially in a world where more and more consumers want their needs met yesterday – delegating tasks to make sure everything gets accomplished is a must. Something often overlooked with delegating, though, is that delegating outside of the company – or outsourcing – can be an option too. In the embroidery business, the task that is most practical to outsource is the digitizing.

Why should you consider outsourcing your digitizing?
Here’s a few simple pros to outsourcing your digitizing versus trying to keep it all in-house.

First off, outsourcing the digitizing part of your business will save you time. As stated before, time is a precious commodity these days that unfortunately we just don’t always seem to have enough of. Without the necessary manpower to make it all happen, you can easily find yourself taking up much of your time with tedious tasks, which ultimately leaves you without enough time to take on more business or focus on what you do best.

And acquiring the necessary staff to keep the digitizing in house will cost you money. Another benefit of outsourcing your digitizing. For a fraction of the cost you will spend acquiring, training, and paying a digitizing staff, you can outsource your digitizing (to a great company like Edigitize, if we do say so ourselves!) and free up some time and money to work on growing your business!

Yet another way outsourcing your digitizing will save you money is by not having to purchase the software yourself. Digitizing software can be a bit pricey, adding to the growing list of costs for keeping your digitizing in-house.

Allowing another company who specializes in and specifically focuses on digitizing to do that aspect of the work for your company can often allow you to produce better quality work as well. Rather than having to attempt something that may not be your area of expertise or hire more staff who do have that expertise, outsourcing allows you to focus on what you do best – the embroidery – without having to buy expensive software, take away time from growing your business, or hire more staff.

All of this to say: Outsourcing your digitizing allows you to free up much-needed time to focus on what you do best and take on new work. Outsourcing also frees up finances to not only keep your business afloat, but grow it as well. Lastly, and if not most importantly, outsourcing your digitizing work allows you to partner with a knowledgable digitizing expert to help you produce top-notch quality designs that your customers will love, time and time again.

Edigitize Wins At This Year’s Impressions Awards!

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Each Year, Impressions magazine hosts the annual Impressions Awards, the apparel decorating industry’s most prestigious competition. Decorators everywhere, from all experience levels, submit the best of their best works in hopes of being awarded a place amongst the cream of the crop in the decorating industry.

The competition was judged at the Fort Worth Imprinted Sportswear Show (ISS) this year, which was held September 29 – October 1st.

This year, Edigitize entered a design for their first year ever, and we are proud to announce, we won 1st place in the 33rd Annual Impressions Awards in the category of Digitizing Artistry!

Our winning entry will be displayed at the Impressions booth at all ISS events in 2012.

If you can’t make it out to one of the shows, (or even if you can), be sure to snag the January 2012 issue of Impressions magazine to see our win featured along with the best of the industry! (or click here to view it)

But until then, here’s a glimpse of our award winning design:

This design took nearly 16 hours to digitize, and another 4 hours to sew-out, resulting in 131,930 stitches!

We are so honored to have received this award, and we are very thankful to for best digitizing team in the world that made this possible! Also, a special thanks to Peabody & Kent Designs, a local Tulsa embroidery shop, for sewing out the design for us!



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