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Beauty is Pain… Or Is It?

Monday, March 19th, 2012

The statement “beauty is pain” is a commonly thrown around phrase used to make light of some of the more ridiculous things we put ourselves through in order to appear more glamorous or in style. However, how many of us have actually stopped to think about – or look into – how what we choose to put on actually affects us beyond the temporary pain?

Being in the apparel industry, oftentimes we think of how to keep up with the latest trends, and sometimes we even consider how the material we use might effect the environment. But often we overlook how we can simply be friendly to our own selves as well.

Lucky for us, The Wall Street Journal recently posted an article on just that. Covering everything from jeans to neck ties to earrings and shoes, this article covers many trendy apparel and accessory items that, beyond the outward appearance, may not be so friendly to our bodies after all.

Whether we are designing, producing, or purchasing these apparel and accessory products, it is important that we not give all of our focus to what is fashionable and end up making a faux pas that could cost us our health.

Style is important, yes. As is being environmentally friendly. But as producers and consumers of the apparel industry, we must not forget about ourselves in the process. It is not that some of these objectives can only be accomplished at the expense of another. They all can work together to produced fashion that is eco- and health-friendly.

So next time you go shopping or are designing a new product, don’t just think about how it will influence your peers or impact the environment. Remember yourself, and your health. That’s a fashion choice you won’t regret.

Evironmentally Endearing

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Being “environmentally friendly” has been all the rage over the past several years, and the trend seems to be continually on the rise. Whether it is for your own personal life through doing such things as recycling and using reusable shopping bags, or on a grander corporate scale through the use of “green” products in doing business–we can’t escape the plea to be conscious of our environment in our day-to-day lives.

One creative example of this presented itself in a post I came across recently. It was about none other than the eco-friendly, American-job promoting company itself, American Apparel.

The company not only uses solar power and recycled fabrics to make your clothes – but also to make your dog’s clothes. That’s right. This hip American-based company uses scrap fabric that is leftover after cutting human-sized patterns to make their dog t-shirts and hoodies. So now, not only you, but your pets can be environmentally friendly too!

And you have to admit, this is cute:

So what about you? I’d love to hear about more cool ways in which you and/or your business are striving to keep the environment in mind.

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